Companies today are trying to hire the next generation workforce using old-fashioned processes and tools. Zocket is changing that with an innovative Talent Attraction Solution that strengthens your external employer branding and evolves the way we attract, retain, and diversify the best-fit talent.


Maximize the recruiting potential of your online presence to attract the best-fit candidates to your company


Eliminate biases in your application process to diversify your talent pool and strengthen your workforce


Retain your top talents by encouraging internal mobility and fostering professional growth opportunities

How Zocket Started

Founded in 2016 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Zocket founders believed that there had to be an easier, more effective and authentic way for companies and the people (in companies) to find the right match.

The problem was it didn’t exist yet. So, when we couldn’t find it, we built it ourselves and Zocket was officially born

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We Are Different

We believe that people are so much more than can be shown on a CV and the best-fit job matches are a blend of skills, talents, culture, personality, and personal preferences. Our goal is to help companies understand this and take the steps to futureproof and humanize the candidate experience, putting the candidate back in the picture.

Our Talent Attraction services have been designed with the future in mind and includes smart matching algorithm technology together with an authentic window into company & team culture. This way your employer branding reflects how it really is to work and thrive in your company. Zocket goes far beyond the old-school flat CV to bring multidimensional matchmaking together with privacy and predictive intelligence in a visual tool.

Many companies already have one or more type of HR Tech being used in-house. What makes Zocket even more unique is that we can integrate them all. We combine them in one single platform for seamless integration and top-notch candidate experience at the front end.

Our Mission

To provide an easier, more effective and authentic way for companies and the people in companies to find the right match.

Our Core Values

Innovation – We believe innovation is the key to moving forward and helping to build a better world.

Empowerment – We empower professionals and companies to build stronger, happier relationships and teams.

Transparency & Integrity – We place a high value on openness and honesty and believe that the more these values are followed, the better the outcomes for everyone.

Fun – We believe work should be enjoyable, and we approach everything we do with playful energy.

Our Awesome Team

We are driven, energetic, and dynamic – ready to change the future with you.

Kieran Canisius
Founder & CEO
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Innovative
  • Proactive
  • Sincere
I’m an entrepreneur with experience in life-sciences and recruitment who’s 100% dedicated to helping the recruitment industry evolve through the newest HR Tech tool.
Sabine Hutchison
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Driven
  • Imaginative
  • Innovative

As co-founder of no fewer than three successful startups, Sabine understands how to balance entrepreneurial enthusiasm with a solid A-to-Z business strategy that can be put into practice. Where others see obstacles, Sabine sees opportunities.

Gina Dunn
Director of Marketing
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Resourceful

One-part brand-obsessed, one-part entrepreneur, and 100% fueled by espresso. I’m a passionate brand builder and Head of Marketing at Zocket, evolving HR Tech.

Merle Weghoeft
Marketing Team Lead
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Assertive
  • Curious
  • Reliable

I’m a wholehearted marketeer who loves connecting the dots between campaigns, people and culture, all with German perfectionism running through my veins.

Vitor Spencer
Tech Lead
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Fastidious
  • Flexible
  • Proficient
Chewie - Zocket
Head of Happiness
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Cheerful
  • Investigative
  • Loyal
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Our Services

Best-fit job matches shouldn’t be so hard.

Our services cover the total candidate journey, putting the most important people directly in the driving seat. Your candidates are, after all, your best asset.

Zocket Powered Platform

Our white-label platform brings matchmaking technology, smart algorithms, employer branding, and talent acquisition to companies, going far beyond the old school flat CV to bring multidimensional matchmaking.

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Candidate Experience Assessment

This in-depth assessment helps you to understand what your job candidates really think about their online experience before you make a big investment.

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Zocket Life-Science

Our innovative platform is available as a life-science industry focused, fully functional, online clickable career journey portal where companies and life-science professionals can find each other.

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News & Blogs

Find out about Zocket news and HR tech updates.