Finding the right fit between candidate and company is essential for both parties. As a fresh employee will be more productive if he or she can identify with the new company’s values and business practices.

An employer will have gained a motivated worker, and saved money at the same time – a Harvard Business School study found that a company faces $12,500 in turnover costs when hiring an unsuitable employee. Replacing an entry-level worker takes 21% of their annual salary.

Companies can avoid these costs by recruiting suitable candidates in the first place – and Zocket helps you to ensure you are the best match.


Company culture has a significant influence on an employee’s overall feeling about work. Hating the own job has an impact on more than just in-office experience. Zocket revolutionizes the job search for professionals by taking the importance of the right company fit into account – thus overcoming problems like lack of engagement and motivation.


How do we do this?


1. Personality testing

It’s important for companies and professionals to find the right cultural and personality match. Therefore, personality traits make up a sizable portion of the job match percentage integrated in our Zocket Powered platform.

Every company has a preferred outline of personality traits for each position. Zocket offers a short personality test and matches the results of the candidates to the position’s desired profile. This is a quick and effective way to measure whether the candidate’s personality fits the position and company’s values. In short, taking a 3-minute quiz is the first step towards overcoming years of unfulfilling work experience.

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2. Candidate preferences

We strongly believe that every professional looking for a new job is more than a CV. Therefore, we included the possibility for candidates to add work/life preferences on top of their regular information from their CV. These include for example:

  1. The desired compensation package
  2. The willingness to relocate for the job
  3. The preferred time split between working in the office and working at home
  4. The preference for full-time or part-time work
  5. The distance willing to commute for work
  6. Desired working days


“We help companies understand the true character of their candidates to find the best-fit match”


3. Online CV

Candidates experiences are a major factor when matching with the right job. Our platform guides them through the creation of a three-dimensional CV that gives companies an all-around impression of who the candidates are and what they can accomplish in a position they’re passionate about.

They start by uploading the resume or by importing LinkedIn data, then let Zocket add value to each profile by incorporating information about preferences and character traits. We also display three adjectives of the candidates choice that summarize who they are and what they bring to the table.

Our profile setup innovates by showcasing the professional and educational background while highlighting personality and preferred job features, to ensure the candidate and company find the best match across all dimensions.


4. Window inside the company

Incorporating the Zocket Powered platform into the career page of a company, not only strengthens the employer branding but also helps to attract new candidates by offering an authentic window inside the company’s culture, departments and team dynamics.
Using smart matching data combined with blind CV and application process also allows businesses to diversify their talent pool and gain an improved workplace reputation.

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