Did you know that 60% of job applicants report having a poor experience applying to positions?

Furthermore, of that 60% who reported having a poor experience, 80% will not apply at the same company again. This creates a massive barrier between companies and top talent who will be turned off simply because of the application process.

“Candidate Experience relates to the total journey and perception an individual (job applicant) has when they interact with a prospective employer during the hiring process.”

To strengthen the employer brand and stay ahead in the “war for talent”, it has become increasingly vital for companies to implement a good candidate experience.

What many employers forget is the whole journey their candidates have to walk through, and we mean not only the experience of highly-desired applicants, but also the ones that do not fit the job description to a 100%.


Zocket is here to help!

At Zocket, we help companies future-proof their hiring. Our Talent Attraction Solutions evolve the way you attract, retain, and diversify the best-fit talent. Watch the video below and learn more about our candidate experience assessment.

Our Candidate Experience Assessment will provide you with the tools that you need to improve your hiring process and attract the best people to fit your team. It consists of four sections:

  1. Employer Brand Scan– We measure how attractive your company is and how strong your brand presence is online.
  2. Application Process– We walk through your application process (also with “mystery candidates”) to pin-point strengths and weaknesses. 
  3. Candidate Survey– It is important to get feedback from past candidates. We survey them and combine these findings with the results of the application process in step 2.
  4. Bias Checkup– We analyze four areas where biases in hiring could be affecting what candidates want to apply for positions within your company. (Gender bias, age bias, insider bias, buzzword bias)


At the end of this immersive process, findings will be compiled into a detailed, 80-page report and presented to the team. It will include recommendations and solutions to the problems we identify in the Candidate Experience Assessment. Zocket can help take your company to the next level by attracting the best candidates for your team.

Companies that pay attention and adapt to the needs of their ideal candidates have a huge competitive edge over those who ‘post and pray’ their vacant jobs.”  -Zocket CEO and co-founder Kieran Canisius

Do you want to make candidate experience and career progression the focal point of your company? Download the candidate experience white paper and/or info pack and let us help you. 

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