We are delighted to announce a new white paper that explores the impact of both positive and negative candidate experience when applying for a new job.



Zocket has worked with or researched loads of companies, all shapes and sizes looking to recruit the right talent that’s just the perfect match and we have again and again been asked, “How can we improve our diversity in hiring and turnover rates?” We always ask back, “Well, what is your (internal) talent management process?”

A problem can only be solved when tackled by its roots, and we are proud to bring you the latest in our research on this topic.

Titled, Save Time & Money by Improving Your Candidate Experience, and written by Zocket Powered CEO and Founder Kieran Canisius, this white paper provides vital research and insight into the benefits of understanding just how it feels for potential and current employees applying for a new job through your own recruitment processes.

We explore the real candidate experience, the costs to a business of a “bad hire”, and how we can harness the power of a positive experience to make a sustainable and future-proof workforce.

In many industries, competition for talent is described as a war and millions are spent on advertising and attracting new talent to companies, yet we often do not spend the same amount of effort in making the application process seamless and welcoming.


“Understanding your candidate experience is the key to unlocking a new chapter of possibilities for both your business and your candidates.”



At Zocket, we are passionate about the candidate experience and online user journey because we understand and have seen first-hand the impact it can have. The main problem we face is that hiring managers usually only have the big goal of “find the perfect candidate” while forgetting about the lasting effect the hiring process can have on all the other candidates who applied.

It is a big mistake for companies to assume that the process to find a candidate and fill a position will be the same process every time. Acknowledging those differences will help companies differentiate themselves from the others and offer a positive and unique candidate experience.

free whitepaper candidate experience



75% of candidates never hear back after sending their application
60% of candidates never hear back after going on an interview
22% of candidates will be vocal about the experience and tell others not to apply



For organizations to really understand their user journey we encourage clients to walk a mile in their candidate’s shoes and see for themselves, first hand just how it feels to go through their own process.

-Time for a candidate to prepare and submit ONE candidate application: 3 – 4 hours.
-Time spent by a hiring manager to review an application: 15 minutes.

At Zocket, we believe HR is evolving, but are you?

free whitepaper candidate experience

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Discover how we can help future-proof your candidate hiring with Zocket’s Candidate Experience Assessment. We can help you understand what your candidates really think about their online candidate experience before you make a big investment.