We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new Zocket website. The launch symbolizes our business and services growth and we’re delighted to show you around.

Go ahead, click and browse or watch me do just that in this video. 

Growing from our Life-Science Roots

It all started back in 2016, with Zocket Life-Science, a clickable career platform that supports professionals and life science companies in finding better job matches.

While riding the startup roller coaster, our business inevitably evolved.

In 2017, we used expertise and extensive knowledge of HR tech to launch two more services, both designed to help companies in any industry!  Zocket Powered and Zocket Consulting were born and as a result, a new website reflecting these changes has taken its first breaths today.

Reboot and relaunch

With business growth comes inevitable change. We recognized the need to evolve and adapt alongside our expanding business and services with a new website.

The new site would allow us to distinguish our in-depth services better and have a clear communication on what we offer and how our expertise helps companies embrace the future. 

But, there are some things that simply never change and that for us was our core mission and values.

We offer an innovative approach to empower professionals and companies to build stronger, happier relationships and teams.

Where to start?

We focused efforts on three primary buckets: 

  • Design.
  • Content.
  • User Experience.

For design, it was paramount to have a freshly clean appearance, brighter, happier (some may say friendlier) blue and a user experience that leads you through the pages with ease. This complements our refreshed content for a quicker audience connection.

Fewer clicks give you a smoother journey and simpler page navigation.

Our services are now clearly defined with more in-depth information on how our HR consultants, the Zocket Powered Platform, our Candidate Experience Assessment, and Zocket Life-Science can help you to attract and retain top talent, giving your business a clear competitive edge.

Beautiful graphics help you quickly see the flow and benefits of our services.

At Zocket we value openness, transparency, and honesty and these concepts have been brought into the redesign of the site, too.

Future Dreaming

We are still a startup but we pride ourselves on putting the focus on making our clients succeed through talent attraction. This is just the start, and we look forward to what the future holds for us and our clients.

In the future, we will integrate more media to display our true personality and services – demo videos of our services, a life at Zocket video, so stay tuned for those. We will also make it easier to apply to work in our growing team.

Our blog will also get an overhaul, and become a living blog, showing what we are busy with, life at Zocket (and our clients), our startup tales, and trials and tribulations of a growing HR Tech an consulting company. 

But for now, we can’t wait for you to take a look and learn how we can work and grow together. Have feedback on our new website? Please send it to us here. We love to learn and make it even better! 

Special Offer

To celebrate our brand relaunch, we are offering a limited time complimentary 30-minute consultation. You can book a chat with our CEO, Kieran Canisius RIGHT HERE. No obligation on your side, we love to share our knowledge and learn about your own journey.