Here at Zocket, we’re excited to welcome Olga to the team as our newest marketing intern.

She joined us two weeks ago and is tackling a multitude of projects. We asked her to write a blog to introduce herself to the Zocket world, so here it is!

“I come from St. Petersburg, Russia and I have been living in Kleve, a small-town in Germany, for the past 3 years already.

I study International Relations and I am majoring in Marketing in Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Most of the electives I have chosen revolve around Marketing as my friends who study or work in this field inspired me to learn more and to follow an internship in Marketing. Then I found Zocket and the rest is history.


I would like to learn as much as possible from Zocket during this internship. I would also like to master some of the skills I got from University and apply them in a practical way. I hope to gain knowledge about trends in Marketing and get some international experience, too.

I chose Zocket for my internship as it is an international startup where I would get the chance to learn more and gain practical knowledge in a dynamic and diverse environment with international colleagues who have a lot of experience.


“I hope to gain knowledge about trends in Marketing and get some international experience at Zocket.”
– Olga


Marketing is a sphere that is hot and changes quickly, and I hope that after my internship I will have all the knowledge that is demanded on the market.

Reviewing my first 2 weeks of my internship I am very thankful to Merle and Gina who are guiding me and gave me the chance to learn more about Social Media, especially LinkedIn, and Marketing campaigns.


“We’re looking forward to seeing you grow and shine during your internship.”
– Zocket team


Other lesser known facts about me: I enjoy doing epee fencing in my spare time and traveling to a new country every year to see as much of the world as possible and to meet all different kind of people, as I believe traveling gives you a unique opportunity to broaden your outlook. I also like to be creative by writing articles and working with WordPress, one reason why I joined my University’s magazine as an editor.

Looking forward to the next 4 months!”


“We are equally looking forward to helping you grow and seeing you shine in your internship, Olga. A warm welcome to the team from all of us :)” – Zocket team