We are excited to announce that Zocket is returning to the Web Summit in Lisbon November 5-8th, and has been selected for the Alpha Program for the second year in a row!



Web Summit has been called the best technology conference on the planet by Forbes. It is a marketplace for people interested in cutting-edge technology to come together and discuss innovation and the future of tech.

In 6 years, the number of people present has grown from 400 to more than 70,000, representing over 150 countries.

Founders and CEO’s of growing tech companies, as well as policymakers, will be present, making for interesting knowledge exchanges and debate about what is coming next in the tech world.





The Web Summit ALPHA Program is exclusively for (early-stage) startups, and gives promising companies a series of special promotions including a booth to share their ideas and innovations.

Applicants to the ALPHA Program are hand selected by the organization, and we are thrilled that Zocket is on the list!

We are lucky enough to have access to workshops, meetings with mentors, and most importantly, a one-day exhibit space to showcase Zocket! We are looking forward to our second year at this pivotal event.



Kieran Canisius, co-founder and CEO of Zocket, gave some insight into the best moments from last year and what she is most looking forward to at this year’s event.

“I love the energy at the Alpha stand, and the excitement that companies are showing about the candidate experience. I also enjoy drawing inspiration from other stand holders, and learning what new ideas they have about HR tech!”

Kieran described the energy of last year’s event as exciting but well organized, which gave way to creative thinking and insightful discussions about what’s next in the tech world.

She is excited to share her thoughts on the future of talent attraction and is passionate about reducing bias in the hiring process.

This year at the Web Summit, we at Zocket hope to share our mission to lead the way to better hiring practices and more authentic employer branding.

Are you joining this year’s Web Summit as well? Let’s meet up in Lisbon!