For most companies, using technology to hire staff is nothing new. However, we see that many companies use technology only to reduce the workload than utilizing it to make stronger hires.

For example, applicant tracking systems (ATS) only look for resumes that exactly meet the requirements of the position based on used keywords. They filter out any other good candidate that might not check all boxes for the skills, but has a high cultural fit and would thrive in your company in the long run.

Did you know …

Job seekers often abandon applications that are too long and time-consuming. 60% of candidates have quit the application process halfway due to its complexity and length.

In some cases, they won’t even apply to your company when they can’t find information about your culture, mission, vision, and values readily available. Candidates want to know what they are getting into and this is where technology can help.

Technology not only enables companies to facilitate easier hiring and finding the best-fit candidate for the open position, but it also helps candidates to better customize their application and make a stronger first impression, for example, including videos.

We know that technology can help you make stronger hires, but let’s look into how it can also improve your candidate experience:

1. Improved employer brand

Attracting the right candidates starts with your employer brand. Your employer brand is how your company promotes itself, and your reputation as an employer in the job market. It defines your company and impacts how talent is attracted, recruited and retained.

Technology can help you to put your best foot forward and show candidates how it really is to work with you. The more transparency you have, the more likely you are to find the best-fit candidate for the role. They will know upfront what they’re getting into.

You can use recruitment or brand videos to showcase your company culture, or inside snippets from current employees to transfer an authentic picture of how it’s like in your company as an employee. These videos can be used strategically on your website, like in your About Us section, or your careers page, or on your social media channels.

The more your potential employee knows about your company, the more you can get to know them, and have a truly perfect fit for your position.

2. Faster applications

When on your website, potential candidates should be able to easily find and navigate to your career page in just a few clicks. Also, technology enables faster applications for your candidates and keeps them engaged and you lose as few as possible throughout the process.

Remember, 60% of candidates have quit the application process halfway due to its complexity and length.

A quick upload of their CV (and maybe a cover letter) or directly connecting your page/ portal to social media platforms such as LinkedIn reduces repetition in your application process. A good point to remember is to have a mobile-friendly process, with some industries reporting up to 80% of candidates are looking for positions actively on their smartphones.

Applications that are accessible for both candidates and hiring managers on the go benefits everyone, especially for on-the-go industries. With 93% of millennials owning a smartphone, and their increasing presence in the global workforce, this is a huge asset to your recruitment process.

3. Improved communication and faster status updates

The most common complaint about a bad candidate experience is that the candidate hasn’t heard back from the company at all, or if they heard back/ received feedback it took so long that they have already found another job.

Did you know that two-thirds (65%) of candidates never or rarely received an update on their application, and the ones who did, half of them say it took more than a month?

In the competitive hiring market, we are currently in it can be extremely harmful to your recruitment and business goals to give candidates the impression that their application is submitted into “Nowhereland”.

Technology enables better, more direct communication and feedback, either through message and chat systems integrated into your platform. It also facilitates automated personalized updates, frequent application status updates, and makes it easier to reach the candidate through their preferred method (online calls, messages, emails etc).

Keeping candidates engaged, no matter what the status of their application, means your employer brand is reflected strongly. Even unsuccessful candidates may return later on to apply for a role that’s a better fit for them.

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