Zocket is excited to have two new team members onboard—Matyas, Graphic Design Intern and Chloe, PR and Communications Intern.

Matyas will be with us for 4 months, and Chloe for 3 months, learning as much as they can and having a fun time while doing it.

About Matyas

A native of Hungary, Matyas moved to the Netherlands to attend The Hague University of Applied Science just over two years ago. He was inspired to move after two of his siblings moved to attend the same university and loved living here in the Netherlands.

He is responsible for all things graphic design, creating visual materials for the brand as a whole, including the website and social media.

So far, he is enjoying the ride.

“I imagine that I will do something similar after I graduate. I love learning from the inside out and seeing the process of branding unfold” –Matyas

About Chloe

Chloe was born and raised in California and came to the Netherlands to pursue a master degree in Media & Business. She recently graduated and sees the internship as a great way to bridge the gap from formal education to the beginning of her career.

She brings with her knowledge of media, communications, and past internship experience at a PR agency. Thus, she is responsible for copywriting, communication with journalists, and helping to manage social media.

When asked about their experience of Zocket’s company culture, Matyas and Chloe said that they love the working environment and flat hierarchal structure. Additionally, they feel that interns at Zocket get more responsibility.

“We have the chance to contribute meaningfully to the business, which brings us closer to the brand. And we feel appreciated for the work that we are doing!” –Chloe

Outside of work, Chloe and Matyas both like to travel as much as they can and spend time with friends. Matyas views traveling as a chance for him to meet new people and create new networks, and he enjoys creating new friends all over the world. Chloe loves to immerse herself in new cultures and try different cuisines that push her outside of her comfort zone.

The Zocket team is proud to have two new motivated minds with us for the next few months. Welcome, Matyas and Chloe!

Join us!

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