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get extensive insights to improve your online candidate experience

our candidate experience assessment tells you what your candidates REALLY think about their experience when applying to work for you, the effects on your business and how to improve it to strengthen your employer brand.

Attracting and retaining top talent is no longer simply the responsibility of HR. Business leaders and executives are more and more concerned about building a strong employer brand and this starts with the process of talent acquisition. In today’s transparent online environment, top talents chose their employer and not vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial to assess and understand their experience when applying to work for you.

Our assessment gives extensive insight into what your candidates value the most, if your employer branding is consistent throughout all channels and a list of recommendations of how to improve it.

Millennials change their jobs more than any other group.


of each employee’s annual salary is the turnover cost for the company.


External hires earn more than internal ones.

External hires have significantly LOWER performance reviews and HIGHER exit rates.

Do you feel…

  • Unsure about what your candidates really think about your company during the application process?
  • That you are missing out on attractive talent and don’t understand why?
  • Candidates are quitting in the middle of the application/ hiring process and you don’t know why?
  • You don’t know how to retain your best talents?
  • You don’t know how to prevent your top talents to move over to you competitors?
  • That your employer brand is not as strong as from others?
  • That your employer branding is not clearly communicated throughout all your channels?
  • Equality is missing in your hiring process?
  • Unsure how to improve diversity and gender equality in your hiring process?
  • That you don’t do regular updates on your application process?
  • That you have higher annual costs due to your candidate experience?

what if, instead…

  • You have a clearer understanding of what your candidates really experience when applying to work for you and how it can be further improved.
  • You got inspired of how to attract the best talent for your company.
  • Candidates valued the single steps in the hiring process differently and now you know which ones need more attention than others.
  • You got a better idea of how to retain the top talents at your company.
  • You have an improved strategy to be ahead of competition in the war for talent.
  • You know how to gain a consistent employer branding throughout all your channels.
  • You got inspired how to overcome gender equality biases in your hiring process.
  • Improving your candidate experience and employer branding saved your business many costs and now you actually know the savings you’ll get when improving it (oh and also meeting your financial targets)

Get your custom report detailing our findings at the end of our 3 week process.

We help you to understand what your candidates really think about their online candidate experience before you make a big investment.

employer brand scan

Our in-house brand experts will do a full scan of your employer brand and report on brand & culture consistency.


  • Brand DNA including your company story, look & feel, purpose, and audience
  • Brand Channels including candidate review pages, social media, blogs, website
  • Evaluate consistency, focus, and promise vs reality
  • Recommendations

Candidate Survey

We will conduct a survey to candidates on crucial experiential aspects and find out what candidates REALLY think.


  • Survey will cover overall candidate experience, strengths, risks, application burden, and responsiveness on job applications
  • Executive summary of results
  • Recommendations

application process

We walk through your application process in full – as an independent visitor – and report back our findings and areas at risk of losing candidates.

  • Document the flow of your process
  • Assess the process for strengths
  • Identify risk areas
  • Evaluate responsiveness
  • Recommendations


Bias Checkup

We will evaluate your candidate’s experience, from their shoes, and show your bias areas and how you can improve.


  • Brand DNA elements such as text & images
  • Evaluate social media channels
  • Look into bias within your application process
  • Review 3 job descriptions
  • Recommendations

Get your full report in 3 weeks for 2,997 euro


here’s what you get with the candidate experience assessment

All of this and more:

  • Our consultants will compile a detailed report and evaluation outlining your candidates experience in your application process.
  • An extensive evaluation of your employer branding and its consistency throughout all your channels.
  • A bias check-up that analyses your gender equality efforts in your application process but also throughout your complete online brand.
  • A true profile of your current candidates and how they fit your brand and company.
  • For each section you will receive a full list of specific recommendations tailored to you.

Get your full report in 3 weeks for 2,997 euro

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