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Why life-science companies use Zocket
to add rocket fuel to their hiring process

Build your employer brand

With a company page on Zocket, you get a powerful online presence and an effortless employer branding, You can show potential employees what it is authentically like at your company and find the best-fit talent.

Access an Engaged Audience

Candidates tell us that they are not engaging much with you due to fear that your job will not fit into their lives. With Zocket, their personal lifestyle preferences are taken into account, so when you engage with them you’ve overcome that hurdle already in the pre-selection process.

lower Hiring Fees

Hiring with recruiters can be expensive, but with Zocket you’ve got an affordable tool instead of a middleman to pay. You’ll get all the intel your business needs. Choose between an unlimited plan or pay per match.

Promote Diversity + Inclusion

Strengthen your workforce and lessen biases. Dedicate your company and hiring managers to diversity in your recruitment process as Zocket encourages engagement with anonymous potential candidates (blind CV screening).

Hire better fit Candidates

Accelerate your process, but don’t sacrifice quality. Enhance your process to improve quality instead. From the beginning, you’ll know what your candidates are looking for, what their personality profile is, and ultimately, how you can retain them as happy employees into the future.

Save time

Rather than a long process to identify candidates, approach the best-fitting candidates with one-click, utilize our smart algorithm that assesses your (and their) needs, and finally, make smarter hiring decisions.


No matter your company’s situation we’ve got a pricing model that can help you to hire the best candidates.

See results, now.

Rather than a week or month long process, you’ll identify appropriate candidates immediately.


What does this mean for your savvy start-up?

Zocket is a tool that scales with your business, gives you valuable insights, and provides you with a pool of qualified candidates- that your network may not have. We don’t provide you a CV, we work to lower turnover rates, showcase your company, and introduce you to candidates that match your company culture.

How can we improve your enterprise-level business processes?

Even though you’re big, it remains vital that your hiring process results in successful matches and happy employees. With our multi-faceted matchmaking, we’ve asked candidates to provide us preference information, personality testing, and CV information, all designed this all in an easily accessible tool.


Let’s find the right job

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