Improve Your Online Candidate Experience

11-point checklist

Our 11-point checklist helps you to assess your online candidate experience and win over the best-fit talent for your business.

Unlock a new chapter of possibilities for your business with: 


Better targeted candidates


Bigger talent pool


Stronger employer branding


Reduced time & cost per hire

Online candidate experience can be defined as the entire journey a candidate takes when they apply online to work for you. It also includes their perception of your company during that journey.

Understanding your online journey offers you the potential to really WOW your candidates, instead of leading them into utter frustration.

This checklist covers all essential steps your candidates walk through when applying to work for you online.

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“Working together was a very rewarding experience. Everything the guys at Zocket touched turned to gold! They could see some of our challenges even before we realized they existed, the data they provided was clear, concise, and very helpful.”

Victoria Murphy

“Every company needs a “reality check”, no matter how great you are doing, or think you are doing. Zocket really helps you look at what you do with the eyes of the candidate, build on and grow what you are doing right, and identify issues before they become problems.” 

Ksenia Solovyeva

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