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5 Steps to Create a Winning Online Candidate Experience

At Zocket, we know that you can take your online candidate experience to the next level with a 5-step approach.

In the replay of our webinar 5 Steps to Create a Winning Online Candidate Experience, hosted by Kieran Canisius (Zocket CEO), we’ll take you in-depth into how you can nurture every potential candidate. 

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Our 5 Steps focus on:


Assessing your status-quo

What are you doing right now? What is going well and what should you stop doing immediately?



What are your values & purpose? It must be easy to find, understand and emotionally connect to.



Are your candidates able to sense your authentic culture? Learn how to match the promise to the reality.



Discover how to align your employer brand, purpose, values & culture and blaze it across all your channels.



It’s all about simplicity and valuing the time of your candidates.


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See What Our Clients Have To Say:

happy customers from PSI-CRO

“Working together was a very rewarding experience. Everything the guys at Zocket touched turned to gold! They could see some of our challenges even before we realized they existed, the data they provided was clear, concise, and very helpful.”

Victoria Murphy

“Every company needs a “reality check”, no matter how great you are doing, or think you are doing. Zocket really helps you look at what you do with the eyes of the candidate, build on and grow what you are doing right, and identify issues before they become problems.” 

Ksenia Solovyeva

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