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Win a free Quick Scan of your online candidate experience at a value of 500€! We will pinpoint areas of improvement in your online presence and application process to strengthen your employer brand and attract the right candidates to your open positions.

Candidate experience assessment

Our in-depth Candidate Experience Assessment provides you with the insights you need to improve your online application process and attract the best people to fit your company. The 80-page report consists of four sections:


1. Employer Brand Scan

We measure how attractive and consistent your company’s online brand presents is.


2. Application Process

We walk through your application process and identify areas where you potentially lose candidates.


3. Candidate Survey

We survey your actual candidates to find out what they really think about their experience when applying to work for you.


4. Bias Check-up

We analyze areas where biases in hiring could be affecting which candidates want to apply for positions within your company.


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Zocket Powered platform

Zocket Powered is a white-label HR tech platform that can easily be integrated into your website’s career page and paired with any ATS system, to accelerate your talent recruitment strategy. It brings matchmaking technology, smart algorithms, and employer banding together, going far beyond the old school flat CV.


Strong & Authentic Employer Brand

Attracting, diversifying and retaining top talent is no longer “simply” the responsibility of HR. Business leaders and executives are more and more concerned about building a strong employer brand and this starts with the process of authentic talent acquisition, realistic job previews and employee retention while reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process.



In today’s transparent online and competitive environment, top talent chose their employer and not vice versa. It is crucial to offer candidates an authentic look into your company and your employees an environment to thrive.


Save time and money

Rather than a long process to identify talents, approach the best-fitting candidates with one-click, utilize the smart algorithm that assesses your (and their) needs, and finally, make smarter hiring decisions.


Diversity & inclusion

Strengthen your workforce and lessen biases. Dedicate your company and hiring managers to diversity in your recruitment process as Zocket Powered encourages engagement with anonymous potential candidates and blind CV screening.

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