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One platform to tackle your employer branding & talent acquisition

Gain a competitive advantage with one platform integrated into your careers page that attracts top talent and helps your employees to grow within your organization.


Attracting and retaining top talent is no longer simply the responsibility of HR. Business leaders and executives are more and more concerned about building a strong employer brand and this starts with the process of authentic talent acquisition and retention without any gender bias.

In today’s transparent online environment, top talents chose their employer and not vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial to offer the candidates an authentic look into the organization and employees an environment to grow.

Our stand-alone white-labeled HR tool improves your talent acquisition management by offering an easier, more effective and authentic way for companies and people to find the right job match while improving the employer brand at the same time.g problems

Millennials change their jobs more than any other group.


of each employee’s annual salary is the turnover cost for the company.


External hires earn more than internal ones.

External hires have significantly LOWER performance reviews and HIGHER exit rates.

Do you feel…

  • That you are missing out on attractive talents and don’t understand why?
  • You don’t know how to retain your best talent?
  • You don’t know how to prevent your top talent to move over to your competitors?
  • That your employer brand is not as strong as from others?
  • Unsure how to improve diversity and gender equality in your hiring process?
  • That you have higher annual costs due to your employer branding?
  • That you need an updated talent acquisition solution?
  • That your company is not offering an environment for your employees to grow and develop professionally?
  • That it is not easy for your employees to move between departments withing your company?
  • That you are missing an authentic look into your company’s culture?

what if, instead…

  • You got inspired how to attract and retain the best talent for your company.
  • You are ahead of competition in the war for talent.
  • You have a new approach to facilitate candidates an authentic look inside your company’s culture and team dynamics.
  • You offer your employees a professional environment to grow and develop.
  • You are decreasing your turnover rate because your employees can move between positions, departments and offices more easily.
  • You have a consistent employer branding throughout all your channels.
  • You overcome gender equality biases in your hiring process.
  • Improving your talent acquisition management and employer branding saved your business many costs and now you actually know the savings you’ll get when improving it (oh and also meeting your financial targets).

We are fixing this with our ready-made platforms.

You can have a data-driven platform that empowers your employees and attracts relevant talent. Starting today.

1. Gain a Competitive Edge

Authentic employer branding is more than using videos. Companies must stand out from the crowd.

3. Stronger Profiled Candidates

Get a multi-dimensional view of candidates with visibility of work and life preferences and personality characteristics.

2. Promote Internal Mobility and Visibility

Encourage the talent you already have and prove your commitment to foster professional development.

4. Matching Algorithm

Optimize your recruitment process by only engaging with candidates who match your criteria.

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Our core competencies

Proprietary Technology

We purposefully developed the Zocket platform to incorporate predictive intelligence and a smart algorithm into a scalable process.

Candidate Experience

We live and breathe the candidate experience. With an objective and translatable analysis of each department, we take your employer branding to the next level.

HR and Staff Expertise

Our experience combined with our passion for technology resulted in a platform to ease you through industry trends and challenges.


Get your company to stand out today.
We’ll show you how.

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